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About goddess good food

We believe great health starts with a happy gut. Food should be good for you but also have a taste that keeps bringing you back for more! Our gluten free cauliflower crust pizzas are loaded with fresh ingredients and seasoned to perfection! They also appeal to dietary restricted groups such as gluten intolerant, keto, low carb conscious, and vegan/vegetarians. Our three options are inclusive of meat eaters, vegans, and anyone in between and each pizza is sure to satisfy any craving!

Meet the CEO

Naomi Tolbert

Naomi Tolbert

Naomi Tolbert is an entrepreneur specializing in virtual restaurants and frozen consumer packaged goods (CPGs). Originally a Southern Illinois native, she relocated to Chicago to complete a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the Committee on International Relations at The University of Chicago in 2018. Her company, Goddess Good Food, offers frozen Cauliflower Pizzas in local grocers throughout Chicago, IL.

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